Archery Range

Range Fees

Per Visit: $8
Per Month: $20
Per Year: $200
Kids 1/2 Price
(plus sales tax)

Private Lessons: $25  per Person, 30 Minutes

Range Rules:

All shooters must sign a waiver before shooting.
Follow archery shooting procedures.
Intoxicated use of bows and arrows on the range is prohibited.
No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the range.
Only shoot designated targets.
Always be aware of the target and what is beyond the targets.
Always draw bow with the arrow parallel to the floors.
Only nock arrows at the shooting line.
Never draw a bow without an arrow nocked (to prevent dry fire.)
No broadheads or practice broadheads are allowed on range.
Arrow tips/points must be the same diameter as the shaft.
Ensure tips/points are tight to prevent damage on targets.
Anyone 16 and under must have adult supervision.

Shooting Procedures:

Verify the range is clear.
Give “Line is Hot” or similar command to indicate shooting may commence.
When finished shooting, place bow away from the line and wait behind the line until all shooter are finished shooting.
Give a “pull” or similar command to indicate all shooting should stop.
Verify all equipment is put down and remains behind the shooting line.
Proceed to targets to retrieve arrows.

Safety Tips:

Inspect all equipment before each shot to ensure your safety, and the safety of those around you.
Only shoot targets to prevent damage to your equipment, the facility, and others in the facility. (WE are not responsible for damage to your equipment while using our facility.)


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